How to access Deaf history documents

How to access Deaf history documents on the Victoria Collections Website

Step 1
Open a web browser on any device (computer, laptop, smart device, phone). Search for “Victorian Collections” or go to the website:

Step 2
Go to the search bar on Victorian Collections website, and in the Search field, type Expression Australia then click Search button. See image below

Step 2: Screenshot showing where the search function is on Victorian Collections website

Step 3
A list of historical resources will show. You can click on any to find more details. For example, you want to find more information about Deaf Citizen, click on the image. See image below

Step 3: Screenshot showing search results and clicking on an item

Step 4
You will see more information about the newsletter called Deaf Citizen, including images. If you want to download the Deaf Citizen newsletter in full, click on the underlined pdf file under ‘Attached Files’. In this document, find and click on The Deaf Citizen newsletter 1931.pdf’. See image below

NOTE: In order to download, make sure you are on a computer or a device that can save files. 

Step 4: Screenshot showing where to click to download an item

Step 5
Save the file on your computer, and then open the file to view the full document.

How to access Deaf history videos on the Expression Australia YouTube channel

Step 1
In a search engine, type ‘Expression Australia YouTube’ or click this link:  

Step 2
Click on Playlists. See image below.

Step 2: Screenshot showing where to click to access 'playlists'

Step 3
Click on “Vicdeaf Historical Film Archives 2015”. See image below.

Step 3: Screenshot showing which video to click on to access historical videos

Step 4
Click on one of the videos to view and enjoy.